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STUC Disabled Workers Committee – Disability and Employment Survey

The STUC’s Disabled Worker’s Committee has launched a survey to find out how people with disabilities view their employers attitude to disabled people in the workplace; starting with the selection and recruitment process through to what to steps they take to help people remain at work if and when the impact of disability affects their working capability. As we have a aging population with people expected to be working for longer it is likely that this will be something that happens more often. Reasonable adjustments may be required in order to make sure the person can remain in work.

The Committee is going to share the findings of the survey with employers and trade unions to help them develop new approaches to support disabled people in the workplace..

The Committee will be working with trade unions and hopefully other employers organisations to circulate the survey across private, public and third sector workplaces and encourage disabled workers to participate.

To help them do all of this they need a significant number of responses; if you think you can contribute access the survey using the following link:

The survey is only available using SurveyMonkey, so you will only be able to access it via the internet. The survey will be open for 3 months, so it should remain available for completion until the end of September.

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